Crazy Christmastime and Coconut Cashew Curry

coconut curry

I was craving lots of veggies tonight, so this was our concoction – local veggies, bean sprouts and cashew nut red coconut curry over brown rice. Simple. Quick. Healthy. Delish.


Yesterday I braved the Christmas crowds and ducked up to the shops to grab a few items to take to a picnic lunch. During this trip, I overheard a woman telling a shop assistant how stressed out she was about Christmas shopping and buying so many gifts and how she couldn’t wait until Christmas was over. She certainly wasn’t the only person I heard complaining about Christmas shopping, but she did get me thinking about how it’s a shame that Christmas has become this hyper-crazy stressful time for people.

Whilst we do love giving presents, a couple of years ago we made a deal with our families to opt out of Christmas presents and instead pool our money and make a donation to a charity. Being mostly teachers (or trainee teachers) in our family, we decided that the community school for children in Laos, Pakistan or Zambia was the perfect Christmas gift for us. Instead of stressing about shopping for things that people probably don’t really need anyway, we now focus on creating and enjoying delicious family meals together and relaxing in the company of loved ones on Christmas Day. It makes for a much nicer lead-up to the festive season and yes, it does give us warm fuzzies to know that we’re doing something small to help someone who really needs it. 🙂

Some great websites to buy charitable gifts are:

Oxfam Unwrapped

Arguably the World’s Most Useful Gifts


2 Comments on “Crazy Christmastime and Coconut Cashew Curry”

  1. What a yummy looking curry 🙂
    And a FANTASTIC idea re the Christmas donation 🙂 I get more and more frustrated each year with how commercial Christmas has become. I will have to suggest your charity idea to the family 🙂

  2. Do it! It was seriously one of the best decisions we made!
    Thanks for your comments 🙂

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