Plum streusel cake

What to do when it’s dull and raining and you have a big bag of locally grown plums picked up for a dollar last week? Why, make German Plum Streusel Cake, of course! I’m not much of a baker (more a cook, I don’t have a big sweet tooth) so I was reasonably pleased with how this turned out. Next time, though, I’ll turn the oven down slightly to avoid the bottom layer getting too dry.

Enjoying a piece now with a cup of tea. Guten appetit!


Morning Coffee

One More Cup Of Coffee Before I Go (to the valley below) by Simone13 AKA John Pastorello.

Ever wondered why your morning cup of coffee is so important to you? Lifehacker looks at the science behind what caffeine actually does to your brain. Interesting stuff. Although I do get headaches if I don’t have my cup of coffee in the morning, which bothers me a little, I look forward to it every day, so I’m not planning on giving up my single cup each morning anytime soon. Life’s gotta have some simple pleasures.

Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.

Michael Pollan raises important issues about contemporary food production, the problems with it and how we can overcome it. Watch it. He’s great.

(Not sure why my embedding isn’t working. Watch it here instead)